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    Crysis 2 Review


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    Crysis 2 Review

    Post  Path on Thu May 05, 2011 7:33 am

    Pardon for the blatant criticism, but i disliked this game immensely. in my honest opinion the only thing that redeemed the game was the suit it self, and the fact that it had the title of its parent to sway you into a false sense of enjoyment.

    The campaign had huge plot holes, and eventually the whole thing became about the suit, and it wasn't even a "hey, that guys got a badass suit, let's have him go and kill a bunch of stuff for us." it was more like, "hey, it's that guy in the suit, he is going to save us all."

    Unfortunately that wasn't even a metaphor, at least in Halo they saw the Master Chief as the hero, but in this game, they didn't see the player as the hero, but the actual suit.
    Directly referencing on several occasions that the suit is needed to end the war, not the person inside.

    The controls were similar to the first game with the exception of how you activated the suit abilities, that simple change made the game extremely better.


    The only thing that redeems this game is the suit abilities and the graphics.


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