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    Portal 2 review


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    Portal 2 review

    Post  Path on Thu May 05, 2011 7:29 am

    Portal 2, where to start. How about A, for Amazing.
    I had one of my greatest gaming experiences ever with this game, it was funny, and some of the puzzles genuinely had me stumped.

    Some puzzles may seem straight forward, when you really need to do something extremely obscure, and inventive.The reverse is also true, as i found myself overthinking some puzzles to breaking point.

    Wheatley, voiced by Stephen Merchant, is a newly introduced character assisting you through your journey, and, well, GLaDOS said it best. "He's not just a regular moron. He's the product of the greatest minds of a generation working together with the express purpose of building the dumbest moron who ever lived."

    The game is also absolutely full of Easter Eggs and references to other games, most of which may not be found for a long while. My personal favorite being the one that nets you a specific achievement/trophy about a certain portrait.

    Overall, i give this game a 9/10.

    Graphics were great and didn't set my graphics card on fire. That's always a plus.
    Gameplay was masterful, and unique even to the Portal series.
    Soundtracks and character voices are simply awesome, there is nothing better than you completing the puzzle and having GLaDOS ask you to "waddle over to the elevator." Or simply listening to the turrets on the assembly line scream, as they are thrown into the furnace.
    The story may not be "up to snuff" for some of the hardcore Portal fans. but i thought it was very in-depth and easy to get into.

    The only discrepancy i had with this game, is that it wasn't longer. Which you will hear that from everyone who has ever liked a game ever.



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