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    "You overdid it a bit" Decoration Contest! - Saturday, April 14, 2012


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    "You overdid it a bit" Decoration Contest! - Saturday, April 14, 2012

    Post  Crynocent on Mon Mar 12, 2012 3:15 am

    New Type of TSG Competition!
    And all the staff members are required to participate!

    The "You overdid it a bit" Decoration Contest!

    Basically, Each TSG Staff Member (and regular member if they wish to join in) must create one decoration for our upcoming Convention. One single item that we can either stand up, put on a wall, or showoff.

    Just one is all, it can be the size of a 8 1/5 by 11 sheet of paper to the size of a whole wall.

    During the convention, we'll have a short survey of what the attendees thought of as the best decoration.

    The top creator of the most popular decoration will receive
    "One Game of Any Platform (up to $80)"
    following the convention (sometime later after tallying up the totals).

    New, Old, Rare, Reserved. It doesn't matter, one game, Physical or otherwise. Even if a roadtrip is involved.

    Any Staff Member who doesn't participate, will have an embarrassing pic or vid of them gaming posted on Facebook, so be sure to create something. And don't worry, I have one of everyone. Rage quitting, screaming, something obscene... This applies to staff members only.

    Staff Member list:
    Ryan Worley
    Jeff Val Mountes
    Jordan Andrew Belt
    Reed Worley
    Adam Vogelsong
    Travis Kyler
    Josh King
    Hayzel Helms
    Adam Crean
    Andrew Dibert
    And whoever I didn't mention yet...

    I forgot to mention this,

    We are forbidden to use any kind of Confette or Glitter at the Fire Hall, so that stuff's off limits

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