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    April 2012 Update


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    April 2012 Update

    Post  Crynocent on Wed Apr 04, 2012 7:29 am

    Hey Guys and Girls,

    We are under Two weeks away from our first ever TSG Convention on Saturday, April 14th, 2012 and the anticipation is ruining my keyboard! Especially the backspace which is apparently used more than my space-bar at the moment...

    BUT, don't let "Backspace"'s sacrifice be in vain! Be sure to pick up a TSG Con Flier from FYE, and Gamestop in the Capital City Mall, Capital City Gaming in the Harrisburg Mall, or at our Sponsor, Yeah Buddy' Other's Pizza! in New Cumberland. There's 5 different ones in total, so pick up which ever suits your needs.

    FPS, Fighting, Card, and Free tournaments will be held all day, as well as vendors from across the area, so don't be afraid to stop by! Also check out the TSG Vendor booth for rare games from over the last decade or so. A big highlight will be a working Black Lable Final Fantasy 7 along with the Entire Main FF collection up for sale and the entire DotHack series from Infection to GU Redemption will join them.

    Speaking of Vendors, All Vendor Booth Requests and Payments must be received by April 7th. There is some leeway, but please message me if you have a problem. Any vendor who waits too long without messaging will be charged for full price for a Vendor Booth.

    For more information, please check out our Facebook Page at and our Forum Site,

    Well, while we're here, lets get the April Update Started!


    Event and Community Update

    Toggle Sticks Gaming Convention - Saturday, April 14th, 2012 - Fairview Township Fire Hall

    Facebook page:

    Location: 340 Lewisberry Road, New Cumberland, PA 17070
    Admission: Free

    Setup Time: 7:00am - 10:00am
    Convention Time: 10:00am - 8:00pm

    Our biggest event, possibly of the year, is next weekend! But all of our efforts ride on you, the members, to come and hang with us! I'm sure there will be a few bumps along the way, but it is all the beginning for a better tomorrow for TSGaming!

    The convention is Free Admission all day long, so come and go as you please, although we'd rather you stay for a game or two before you do. All of our Video Game Tournaments are either very low cost ($5) or Free to Enter so be sure to check out each area.

    We have several vendors attending and helping us set up for the convention, so be sure to take a look at what they have for sale! Artists, DVD, MTG and Yugioh Vendors will be there to offer you their best deals, as well as our own TSG Vendor Booth with our select assortment of Games and Merchandise!

    Anytime in between a tournament during downtime any attendee may challenge a TSG Staff Member with an Orange or Blue Armband to a TSG Challenge Event! Challenge Events are Free to try for anyone. Basically you challenge a TSG Member to a match on any console or game that is not being used, with the hopes of winning a Free Beverage from the TSG Concession Stand. One per person, per game. Good Luck!

    Also, before you go, be sure to write down what was your favorite decoration from the Convention! TSG Staff Members are having a Competition to see who has the best and most flashy piece that grabs your attention! This is for feedback as well to see how you felt about the Convention. Got an idea for next time? Didn't like something at the Con? Felt like something was missing? Don't hesitate to tell us! We can take it! It's better to know than not know and run smack dab into the wall.

    Con Tournament Schedule:
    Wii Bowling - 11:00am - With a possible Second Tournament! -
    Halo Reach Lonewolf FFA - 11:30am -
    Magic the Gathering Standard - 12:00pm -
    Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 - 12:00pm -
    Pokemon Black & White - 12:00pm -
    Yugioh: Order of Chaos - 1:00pm -
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Team Doubles - 2:00pm -
    Soul Calibur V - 2:30pm -
    Magic the Gathering Booster Draft DKA - 3:00pm -
    Building a Better "Rockband" 3 - 5:00pm -
    Gears of War 3 4v4 - 5:00pm -
    Street Fighter X Tekken - 5:50pm -

    We are in the very final prep for the convention with several new staff members adding to our ranks. Floor plan will be out Sunday Night or Monday Morning so please be sure to check our Facebook Page for updates.

    And as I said above, All Vendors must have their final payments in by Saturday April 7th, unless other arrangements are made in advance.

    The "You over did it a bit" Decoration Contest - Saturday April 14th, 2012 - TSG Con - Staff Only

    Basically, Each TSG Staff Member (and regular member if they wish to join in) must create one decoration for our upcoming Convention. One single item that we can either stand up, put on a wall, or showoff. Just one is all, it can be the size of a 8 1/5 by 11 sheet of paper to the size of a whole wall. During the convention, we'll have a short survey of what the attendees thought of as the best decoration.

    The top creator of the most popular decoration will receive "One Game of Any Platform (up to $80)" following the convention (sometime later after tallying up the totals). New, Old, Rare, Reserved. It doesn't matter, one game, Physical or otherwise. Even if a roadtrip is involved.

    The Next TSG Community Night
    Hey Guys, what do you want to see for the next Community Night? We were thinking of League of Legends, but how many people still play that right now? I'm not sure at the moment so it's being postponed until I get feedback from you guys! Any console/system, Multiplayer Game and almost any weekend! Just name it and we'll add it to the list and work it out asap! Be sure to leave a message on our Forums under the Community Night Tab or on our Facebook page with the request.

    TSG Forums:
    TSG Facebook:

    TSG LAN Days - Summer/Fall 2012
    We want to game with you! TSG is currently looking for locations to host TSGaming LAN Events at and we want your help! Got an idea for a store or location near you? Message us at on our Forums Page under the Events and Tournaments tab with your ideas for locations and games you want to play! We've got the TVs and Consoles, If you've got the Players! Our furthest distance, at the most, is about a state away. Know a store that may be interested? Message them and message us and we'll see what we can work out!

    Possible Locations (either confirmed or pending):
    Yeah Buddy' Other's Pizza
    FYE (Capital City Mall)
    Gamestop (Capital City Mall)
    Capital City Gaming (Harrisburg Mall)

    Forum Thread:

    TSG's Otakon or Bust! - Friday July 27th to Sunday July 29th - Baltimore Convention Center
    The first Anime Convention that TSGaming crashing will be Otakon in Baltimore, Maryland this Summer and we want you to join us! Our aims are to dominate every gaming tournament there and pick up a few things along the way. We are already forming motor-pools down and back as well as hotel accommodations for the entire weekend. Can't get off on Friday? Only can come down for one day? Don't sweat it! Just join up sometime at Otakon and we'll wander around the place with you with an "as aimless as a leaf in the wind" type of thing.


    We're coming down to the wire here for the first ever TSG Con! I'd like to thank everyone who helped us put this together, from our start up as a simple gaming clan, to our first of many goals, our very own Convention! We changed names, locations and consoles a few times since starting, but we are always the same at the center, Gamers to the Core.

    Check our TSG Staff and Volunteer page for info about joining the TSG Staff and what's going through our minds: Only about 2/3 of us are slightly off our rockers, the other 1/3 is what keeps us in line!

    Keep in touch with the Forums after the Convention for the TSG History Tab for things like past events and how we began. It may be a little surprising to some how persistence, patience, and practice can pay off.

    See everyone at the TSGaming Convention!

    Joseph "Crynocent" Herchelroath
    Toggle Sticks Gaming Coordinator
    PSN: RS_Draken
    XBL: Nagi Natsukaze

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    Just because something cannot be proven scientifically,
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