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    Mid April Update


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    Mid April Update

    Post  Crynocent on Fri Apr 22, 2011 7:48 am

    Hey Everyone,

    Joe here with an Event update and... um.. Hold on a sec... There! Turret assembly line now produces defective ones!! Didn't think of that now did you, Wheatly? "Firing blanks, all the time, every time!"...

    ...Okay back to what I was talking about... um.... Oh! The update.. yeah..

    Event Update

    Halo Reach Community Day - Saturday 4/23/11
    Our first independent community day is this weekend. Halo Reach all around! ....wait.. that didn't come out right... Anyway. We'll be going though Halo Reach via XBL at 8pm Eastern Time this Saturday. Some ffa on maps I collected, also we have a few races if you're interested, but mostly it'll be Matchmaking. Big Team, Invasion or Team Slayer/other playlist depending on how many of us play or how long the group lasts. We'll play until everyone's asleep or has blisters on their hands, which ever comes first. If you didn't add my gamertag to your friendlist yet, do so now and I'll invite you to play. XBL: "Nagi Natsukaze"

    Toggle Sticks Gaming @ Too Many Games Convention - 5/6/11 through 5/8/11
    Our major event this Spring is the Too Many Games Weekend Convention and we're anticipating a large turn out of players and participants. Don't forget to preregister to get in on Friday! Along with our SoulCal4 (Saturday) and Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (Sunday) Tournaments, we'll be displaying Portal 2. Great game.. and it's kinda addictive... Fully unlocked for everyone's enjoyment. All the puzzles and stuff you enjoyed from the first reborn in the best way possible. Come on Saturday to play the PS3 version and on Sunday for the 360 version. See you all there.

    Must.. not sleep... must.. keep fragging... - Halo Reach Record Breaking Marathon - 6/30/11
    Adam Crean and Team PXA are still looking for people to help them break the world record for a FPS marathon. 100+ hours is the new min, but it's well worth it for the prize at the end. The date is set for July 30th and 5 days after that. They have sponsors and medical teams on standby for the event, they just need the players. I'll be helping them frag on the 3rd and/or 4th day of the event, both logistics and combat wise.... also I can cook, so that may help too. To join, email me or post a reply to this thread:

    Community Update

    "I did everything you asked!" (gets flung into the incinerator)
    Portal 2.. The cake.. the cube.. the epicness... It's all still intact.. if a bit charred. The uniqueness of Portal didn't fade in color at all, infact it's even more vibrant when it is smouldering, the glow makes everything stand out a bit more. It felt a bit easier than the first, but that may be because if you played the first, you basically know what to do. The dialog is even more hilarious than before, with a back story of Apeture Science and new type of puzzles combining based off the older sides of the building... which goes miles into the ground. You find a bit more about GLaDOS as well... And find out what only she can be afraid of. Longer than the first and the COOP features make puzzles more complicated and fun with friends. A great game and well worth the wait from the first. I can't fully explain the experience of playing it.. the best way is to experience it yourself.

    If you don't mind a few spoilers, here's a few vids:
    "But I believe we can put our differences aside, for science... you monster."

    "I'm not Defective!"

    "Ah Ah! Bird Bird! Kill It! It's Evil!"

    "She was a lot like you, just not as heavy"

    You can't spell Wii, without II
    If you haven't heard, at this summer's E3 Expo, Nintendo will be revealing details about their next console, the Wii 2. Not much details right now, except that it'll have a two analog stick controller with a 5" display right on top and You'll be able to stream games to the controller directly from the console. Not sure about 3D tech in it, but it is a possibility. We won't know much more until July's major gaming expo.

    When a Chainsaw as a Bayonet Isn't Enough...
    Gears of War 3 Beta is out for those who are.. well special... and for those who preordered it... will have to wait a few more days to try it... I've seen gameplay of it, Both campaign and multiplayer and it's more brutal than before. How satisfying is it to get a triple kill with a single shotgun shell?! Everyone who preordered it, will have to wait until 4/24/11 to play the beta and it'll be up until 5/15/11, so a little less than a month of total two-pieceness. They're not trying to be badass.. they already achieved that goal to the point where it just comes natural... except for Cliff.

    Shotgun Triple:

    Staff Update

    Staff Meeting 4/30/11 or 5/1/11
    We'll be having a Convention Staff Members' Meeting next weekend on the 30th or the 1st depending on how everything falls. It'll the the last meeting to figure out the details for the Convention Weekend before the actual event. Pricing, Badges, Nametags, Decorations, Merchandise, Equipment, Transportation, and Food will be discussed at the meeting. Everyone who is working at our booth or is planning to help out needs to contact me and/or attend the meeting. You guys have my phone number, so be sure to call.

    That includes but is not limited to:
    Jordan Belt
    Travis Kyler
    Josh King

    Well that's it for the Mid update, See everyone at the convention or online.. or sooner!

    Joseph "Crynocent" Herchelroath
    Toggle Sticks Gaming Coordinator
    PSN: RS_Draken
    XBL: Nagi Natsukaze

    "Those who pursue the truth must not be arrogant.
    Just because something cannot be proven scientifically,
    You must not laugh in the face of miracles;
    You must not deny your eyes the true beauty of this world."
    - K&M Ichinose

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