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    Forum Rules (Important, Read First)


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    Forum Rules (Important, Read First)

    Post  Crynocent on Thu May 19, 2011 7:02 am

    Basic rules of the forum and conduct online.

    Rule 1: Be respectful to other gamers, unless they start it...
    If they start it, you END it.

    Rule 2: Be Smart. Think things through and write responsibly.
    Trying to explain something that comes out wrong could be bad for you.

    Rule 3: No Slur/Racist/Prejudges words or statements.
    Basically an autoban on sight. No excuses. If this happens, you didn't follow Rule 2.

    Rule 4: Abuse of anyone/thing/rule/whatever is bannable. Cussing should be kept to a minimal. Spam included, but there are no loopholes, nor will fighting among members be tolerated. Final Decisions are by Admins.

    Rule 5: Anything below a level 4 on this chart is not wanted and you will be ridiculed for it to the full and utmost extent of our cognitive ability.

    To put it simply, I'll let Professor Farswarth explain it.

    Oh.. and I will...

    Anything else, just post some suggestions.

    "Those who pursue the truth must not be arrogant.
    Just because something cannot be proven scientifically,
    You must not laugh in the face of miracles;
    You must not deny your eyes the true beauty of this world."
    - K&M Ichinose

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