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    PXA WhiteDragon

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    Post  PXA WhiteDragon on Fri Apr 08, 2011 4:31 am

    Hows everyone doing I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Adam but in the gaming world I am known as PXA WhiteDragon. My gamertag was WhiteDragon620 but I decided to change it cause of certain reasons. As of now I am pro to be, still working on it but I do plan on becoming a pro gamer. Games I know I'm best at are FPS and Sports. Halo Reach and Bioshock 2 are two of my favorites. As for sports Madden, of course is my favorite. Crynocent is setting up a Madden release tournament, I will of course be there not only to dominate the competition but to take pictures, I'm the Photographer for a lot of the events that Crynocent puts together. I recently did an MVC 3 tournament, soon I will be taking photos for TooManyGames this May 6-8 2011 so most likely you will see me there.

    If you would like to know anything else add me on Xbox and/or facebook.

    See ya

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    Re: Introduction

    Post  Crynocent on Wed Apr 27, 2011 1:26 am

    I'd say we're pretty even in Halo Reach. If I do poor, you do good. If I do good, you do poor. Kinda a give and take relationship.

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