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    Forza 4: Week 2; Marketplace and Free Play

    Canis Lupo 07

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    Forza 4: Week 2; Marketplace and Free Play

    Post  Canis Lupo 07 on Fri Oct 21, 2011 10:49 pm

    Well, well. Its been another week already. Seems like it went by pretty fast. This week I will be going over the Marketplace and Free Play modes of Forza 4. These two are probably the simplest modes of Forza. Not too much hidden here. But both are new additions to the franchise.
    First, we'll start with the Marketplace. This is where you can buy game add-ons for Forza Motorsport 4. Its an in-game shortcut to use instead of searching through the Xbox Live Marketplace. Once in menu you get a breakdown of what you may be looking for. It gives you an option to choose popular cars or certain manufacturers to download specific vehicles from. Or if you are like me just use the next option and download entire car packs. You can also download extra cars to check out in the autovista which I will explain in next week's review. There are available track packs for online competition as well.
    Next is the Season Pass. By downloading the Season Pass, you get immediate access to cars that, for those who dont download it, otherwise you'd have to wait for. These cars will get released one pack of ten at a time between November 2011 and April 2012. But beware, cause in case you didnt know, it costs. $30 to be exact. But for someone who loves cars as much as I do, it's well worth it. Another new aspect is the introduction of Car Tokens. Car Tokens are purchased with Microsoft Points. With these tokens you can buy cars, even expensive ones, without using in game credits. And this is a god send for those out there who dont have the cash to get the faster more expensive vehicles.
    Finally for the Marketplace is the Extras. In here you can buy clothing for your Xbox Live avatar such as gloves, racing suits, shirts, helmets and more.
    Now onto the Free Play mode. In here there are three options to choose from. Quick Race, which lets you race any car, even from your garage on any track for a set number of laps. Splitscreen, which lets you race with a friend. You can add two computers for extra competition and change the environment and lap count. (Sidenote: I still prefer my own screen. Just makes it easier to see while racing. And the two engines sounding made it difficult to know when to shift while driving manual.) Lastly, there is Hot Lap. Here you can race on any track with any car and just set lap times. Its a great way to learn the tracks.
    Well, I hope this week was informational. Next week I will definitely be going over the autovista. I may be adding some other extras that have been added. Still up in the air. Race hard, Stay focused.

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