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    Forza 4: Week 1; Community Section

    Canis Lupo 07

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    Forza 4: Week 1; Community Section

    Post  Canis Lupo 07 on Fri Oct 14, 2011 10:49 pm

    Alright fellow racers and gamers. I have currently had this game for 4 days now. I'm blown away by all the stuff you can do in this game. And seeing as how there is so much to do, I will break it down week by week. This week we will start with the ever popular Community.
    Inside the Community, you can explore a lot in itself. Loyals to Forza 3 will find the Storefront, where you can buy and sell tune setups and designs as well as view pictures and movies. The Auction House also resides here, which is used to buy and sell cars. You will also find the leaderboard section, which is used to track times for many different aspects of the Forza game experience, from total gameplay to specific lap times.
    Three of the options from Forza 3 career have been moved to this section of game from is original home in the career.
    First is the message center. In here the game tracks top new features in the game, gives you general news feed messages, rival alerts for when fellow racers beat your times, and messages about any clubs you may have joined.
    Next is driver profile. In here you can edit your playercard just like you can in Modern Warfare. You can check out your stats for everything you've done in the game from how many cars you own to the farthest jump you've made on a track. It also tracks your affinity, or loyalty to a particular brand of car. Each brand has several levels to ascend, each giving you discount on parts and cash rewards. You can also check out your saved photos, replays, and movies. There is access to your options in here so you can adjust controls, audio and video controls, etc. And you can also check out the team credits if you feel like paying respect to the hardworking people behind this game.
    The last moved option is the Online Racing. Here you can create a room and invite friends or search for a server to race on.
    Another new feature to this game is the Clubs. People can invite you to join or you can create your own. Within the club you compete for fastest times and bragging rights. You can even use cars from the shared garage. Club members upload cars so everyone can get a chance to race with a car they've been hankerin for.
    Finally, the most competitive part of the Community is Rivals. Within Rivals, there are several areas to prove you are the best. There are drift tracks, autocross courses, stock spec time races, straight up open time attacks, and more. Winning against a rival gives you a bounty as well as normal earnings for spending time making laps. The higher the in rank the rival you beat, the higher the bounty. The goal to getting higher in the ranks? Fast times, good tuning, and clean laps.
    I have spent pretty much my whole week in Rivals alone. It has gotten me to near level 30 and 1.5 million credits. Its gotten intense at times, but the payout is well worth it. Plus, I get to show off my skills and make my gaming community proud as its prominent racer.
    That's all for this week. Check out next week as I go through the Free Play and Autovista features.

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