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    Forza 4 Demo

    Canis Lupo 07

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    Forza 4 Demo

    Post  Canis Lupo 07 on Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:43 pm

    Alright racers out there, I have played all there is to play on the Forza 4 Demo. Which really isnt much. It is a real teaser to say the least.
    There are two game modes to play. Quick Race and Rivals. Both are platforming the new track made by Turn 10 called the Burnese Alps. The Alps are a stunning graphic marvel. HD tvs are recommended. The track holds just the right balance of hard and sloping turns, straights, uphills and downhills. The technicals of the track are awesome. Makes me drool for the other made up tracks Turn 10 through in for this installment.
    Quick Race is simple enough. You get a choice of three cars. A muscle car, I didnt take the time to drive, a Subaru Impreza STI WRX 4 door, and and a new Ferrari. Afterwards, you get shown to a garage 3D view of the car where you can look around and stare in awe at the details put into these vehicles. Next you choose your color and difficulty assists such as ABS, stability contol, manual/automatic, and computer difficulty. Then its time to race. You get thrusted into the cockpit of the car you chose and race off the start line. Then you get two laps to leave your opponents in the dust.
    The Rivals section is possibly my favorite thing in this demo. There are three events to race in and the goal is fastest clean raced lap time. You get unlimited laps and your time is posted against everyone who has played it thus far. The first event is you by yourself in a brand new Zonda. Your Rival, of which you can choose, is displayed as a ghost car racing around the track. Beat the rival and you can either stop and post your time, or keep going to get higher in the ranks. Im proud to say that as of tonight I am in the top 4% of 360,000+ racers. The next event is in the brand new BMW M5. This time you have to race around the track with a different varitaion, against your rivals time while navigating thru, lets call it, "local traffic". Its quite annoying to say the least. And damn near impossible to get around lap for lap without tapping something. And hitting anything significantly lowers your ranking. The last event is the same as the second but with different track variation and you drive the Ferrari from the quick race. The Rivals section brings out a true spirit of competition as you try to beat your friends times. Worth every minute or hour or day you wish to spend torching lap times.
    All in all the controls and gameplay are solid and graphics are phenominal. I cant wait until it comes out and in a couple weeks you will get my full review on the full game. Live fast my fellow racers. Until next time.

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