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    Suggestion for the next game night.


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    Suggestion for the next game night.

    Post  Path on Sat Oct 08, 2011 1:06 am

    Well, i was thinking, since the Game Nights to date have been all console based so far, maybe we should do a PC one.

    My ideas were mostly Steam based, since they are easiest to get a hold of, but any game would work.

    I was thinking any of the following:

    Alliance of Valiant Arms. (Shooter)
    Rusty Hearts. (MMORPG) (also haven't played yet.)
    Starcraft 2. (Strategy)
    Halo 1/2 PC. <-- I think we all know what this is >.<
    Team Fortress 2 <-- This too...

    Now, obviously, this is a game night, so aim for a game that's either very popular, or free, such as AoVA or Rusty Hearts.

    Also, I will try to host if I can, but it is dependent on what game it is, and whether my internet is going to be stable enough for online play.

    Feel free to post suggestions for games, and dates/times for said event.


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