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    Catherine - Demo


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    Catherine - Demo

    Post  Crynocent on Tue Aug 02, 2011 9:55 am

    Atlus's Persona Team's creation is one hellish nightmare for some poor sap in Catherine

    Does Life Begin or End at Marriage?

    I played the demo.. it feels interesting, but quite unusual... Like... Kinda like a Dating Sim/Puzzle/Silent Hill type that will make you think twice about cheating on your significant other or getting plastered at a bar. I also suggest being decisive in your actions while you play.. because what you say and do affects the outcome.

    The demo starts off with Vincent in a nightmare puzzle game. With voice narration guiding you, Vincent awakens (While still in the nightmare) in what looks like a Qubert platform type of place, with horrifying scenes around him.. with himself and everyone else as a Sheep. By sliding the blocks around and creating stairways and platforms, the goal becomes simply climbing up to the top at a steady pace. Although blocks can hang on edges, any without hold will simply fall, sometimes leaving you without a method to go forward. A single door at the top leads to Vincent's salvation and his only hopes to escape from this abyss.

    After reaching the goal, the demo cuts to an animated cutscene of Vincent with is Current Girlfriend Katherine with a "K". Him listing between his nightmare-induced stupor and her, Katherine begins to ask him about taking their relationship to the next step. Vincent quickly bypasses this by being ambiguous.

    The next scene jumps to a dried out corpse from an unknown cause on the news with the screen panning out to see Vincent with two friends drinking at a Pizza Parlor. Although he talks with his friends about what he should do with Katherine, he passes up on their suggestions, trying to compare their situations to his. Changing the subject, one of his friends mentions that the person found dead on the news, was one of their friends.. a mysterious sudden death that keeps hitting men throughout the city. Shortly after, his friends leave him in the restaurant, while he continues to drink and receives and replies to a couple text from Katherine (At your discretion), when a polite blond bombshell walks up to him...

    The demo quickly jumps to another Nightmarish game of reverse Tetris, this time with two giant hands reaching for Vincent with a fork, blue nail polish and a very familiar voice. As the hands constantly growing closer and closer, Vincent must climb at an accelerated pace, or else be skewered by the fork into a bloody mess. By reaching the top and opening the door to his freedom, a blinding light shines into the stairwell, forcing the hands back down into the abyss.

    We next find Vincent waking up in his bed.. but with someone holding to his arm.... the smoking hot Blond with curly hair right next to him... and nothing but a sheet covering the two. With everyone's jaw dropped... you ask yourself, "What the F*** did Vincent just do?!"

    From other screenshots and gameplay trailers, the game may seems easy at first, but as you go along it gradually gets more and more difficult to the point that you may start gnawing at your controller for a solution. With Spike traps, dropping floors, and horrific incarnations of his mental state quick climbing up towards him, you begin to realize how screwed up his situation actually is.

    I'd give the Demo so far, 8.75/10 for storyline, art direction, and gameplay. It's not for all gamers, but.. for the ones with questions.. I'd highly suggest it.

    Check out the Demo on XBL or PSN to see for yourself.
    OR pick up the game for he most hellish, morally questioning game of this year.

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    Re: Catherine - Demo

    Post  Path on Thu Aug 18, 2011 9:38 pm

    Rage Quit: Catherine

    I think this might have some good insight.

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