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    July Update


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    July Update

    Post  Crynocent on Fri Jul 08, 2011 6:43 am

    Yo Everybody,

    Joe here with an Early Toggle Sticks Gaming July Update, this time as we have several events coming soon over the next two months.

    Just a reminder, our website is located at

    And our Facebook page is now at

    A little special announcement before any other announcements. A new design for our logo has been picked out for our Site, Facebook Page, Banner, and "da dadada" T-shirts! If you would like to purchase an Official Toggle Sticks Gaming T-shirt, just make a request at one of our booths and we will order one specifically in your size. Hoodies are available too. Prices start at $10 each for T-shirts and varies for Hoodies. An Ebay or storefront will be created in the near future for easier purchases. Our first batch will be displayed on our backs at the next public event on July 23rd (see below).

    Event Update

    A Slight Error in the Timing but It'll Happen Eventually - An Attempt to Break A World Record - Postponed

    Due to some unfortunate news, I got a message from Adam Crean that the Charity Marathon for a World Record event this weekend was postponed to a later date. Meaning we won't be playing and streaming video from our Justin.TV pages on Saturday. The event will still be held later this summer at a later time. Thank you for understanding. Any questions, please message Adam Crean via Facebook (PS: I don't condone spam, but...)

    Retro Community Night - SoulCalibur 4 (PS3/360) - Online - Sunday, July 17th @ 7:00 PM Eastern Time

    A Night of glorious pounding from a game released back in 2007. A simultaneous community night on both Xbox Live and Playstation Network where a group of 5-8 players on each side will fight for supremacy as the true champion. The last time we used both PS3 and 360 versions of SoulCalibur 4 for an event was at our first Too Many Games Convention tournaments where we had (if I remember correctly) Two $100 gift cards to Gamestop up for grabs. One of our heftiest prizes ever devised in our début tournaments. Reliving that nostalgia is the goal this time.. No prizes, except the knowledge that you may have the chance to beat Darius Lee, our former SoulCalibur 4 Champion, in a fair match. This also means I stop holding back myself.. Ohh ho ho ho! This'll be fun!

    We'll use our tournament rules for the Community Night. Standard Matches, 50 Count, First to 5 wins moves on, All characters allowed (Yoda and Vader Included this time).

    PS3 side will be hosted by myself and the 360 side will be hosted by Adam "Whitedragon" Crean. To join, just add our Gamertags for either side and message us with a request. The matches will be left open for all to enter, so we may have some randoms join in.

    PS3 - RS_Draken

    360 - PXA Whitedragon

    Hope to see you Online!

    Oh, and bring a rag to clean up after yourself... trust me.. you'll need it when I'm through with you!

    Toggle Sticks Gaming @ Capital City Gaming + Barns & Noble Grand Opening - Harrisburg East Mall - Saturday July 23rd from 10:00am to 9:00pm

    Our latest addition to the upcoming events is the celebration of Capital City Gaming within the Harrisburg East Mall in Harrisburg PA. We've gotten the request right after I sent out the June Update so it wasn't able to be added to the list beforehand. Stop by anytime during the day to meet our staff members, play some games, win some prizes and walk away with something from our booth! This time, We, Toggle Sticks Gaming Staff, Challenge "YOU" the members in a Free to Enter, 1V1 match for a Prize of a Free Drink! Games? ALL!!! We'll be displaying multiple games of various genres all day at our booth and each member will challenge you for a Prize of a free Drink. Each and Every Staff member will be available to challenge some time during the day for various games. All of our staff members will have our New Toggle Sticks Gaming T-shirts on during the event, so keep an eye out! Some may even hand out free drinks if they pass by you!

    Giveaways and Free Prizes along with MTG and Yugioh Tournaments will be held all day long, so it's encourages and beneficial to stick around!

    Exhibition matches are not the only games we are playing. We'll have multiple games on display, free to play without the possibility of a sore behind afterwards!

    Games include, but not limited to:

    Forza Motorsport 3

    Marvel Vs Capcom 3

    SoulCalibur 4

    Halo Reach (1v1 and Firefight)

    Halo 3

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (1v1 and SpecOps)

    Call of Duty Black Ops

    Virtual Fighter 5

    BlazBlue Continuum Shift

    Portal 2 (Non Exhibition)

    IF you have an idea for an Exhibition Match or play for fun game, please by all means bring the game with you!

    (All Exhibition game requests must be on a Multiplayer competitive capable game.)

    Address is
    Harrisburg East Mall
    Harrisburg Mall 3501 Paxton Street
    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17111

    Toggle Sticks Gaming/Capital City Gaming Mid-Summer Event - Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Tournament - Saturday August 13th at 2:00pm

    As a fitting replacement for the Too Many Games Convention fall tournament, we'll be hosting a Multiple Prize, Low Cost, Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Tournament at Capital City Gaming in the Harrisburg East Mall. Capital City Gaming will be providing prizes this time. Nothing has changed since my last update about this event... except that whatever drinks we still have from the July 23rd event may find its way as free "Grab me" giveaways at the tournament. The food court may get angry with us.. but oh well...

    Harrisburg East Mall
    Harrisburg Mall 3501 Paxton Street
    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17111

    Toggle Sticks Gaming/Gamestop Madden 2012 Midnight Release Tournament - Monday August 30th at 11pm - Capital City Mall

    Our last tournament for August will be a Midnight Madden 2012 tournament to commemorate it's latest installment with Gamestop. Multiple prizes provided by Gamestop and a possible low cost entry (TBA) to be the first to play the popular football franchise. We'll be setting up within the mall itself, instead of in the store, as this will give us some more room to spread out. All this makes us wonder one last question.. Is the Madden Cover Curse True? Winning won't find out.. but you'll net some nice swag from Gamestop for your efforts!

    Gamestop - Capital City Mall (near Hot Topic)
    3506 Capital City Mall Drive
    Camp Hill, PA 17011

    Get Your Edge KZ3 Challenge Presented by Virgin Gaming - $40,000 Killzone 3 Online Tournament PS3

    I got a message from Sony about a 3v3 tournament on Killzone 3 sponsored by Sony, Virgin Gaming, and Edge Shaving Gel. This is the Largest prize pot I've seen outside of MLG and GGL and it's guaranteed to have hundreds of competitors enter for their chance to win! If you think you and your two buddies have the balls to drop in on the Helgist, then please, after you. If you win, we only ask one and only one request… Shout “TOGGLE STICKS GAMING RULES!!!!!!” at the winner’s circle.

    Online Qualifying starts now!

    Industry Update

    When Comical meets Kickass – Red Vs Blue Season 9

    If you guys haven’t noticed yet, Rooster Teeth has started airing Season 9 of Red Vs Blue with some custom, jaw-dropping scenes courtesy of Monte Oum. To spoil a bit… it’s about Project Freelancer and.. what Epsilon Church is doing inside the node… also.. Donut shooting Church in the foot for some.. unknown reason… No words.. Twas just pure liquid awesome.

    Caution: Bungie Jumping Through the Sky is Dangerous!

    Bungie (creators of Halo) just launched Aerospace, an Indie Game Development Tool for small upstart gaming companies and new developers with full access to's server and utilities. For more information check out​/aerospace/default.aspx

    Community Update

    "If you didn't Chart a Course, it Means you Lost our Map. And without that, the Broken Compass is Useless... Congratulations, you've gotten us another Foot in the Grave..."

    I've got a spare Uncharted 3 Drakes Deception Multiplayer Beta Code that I have no idea what to do with. If you have a buddy that needs one... or just wants it for yourself, Message me back via PSN, Email, or Facebook and I'll give it to you. The Beta itself is in full swing right now.

    Potential Game Developers Wanted:
    To anyone interested in the development process of making the games you all love, New member, Cody Manley, is looking to put together a team for the creation of two new games and a possible future with game production. Who he's looking for is anyone with some knowledge in computer programing, an acquitted PC (not vista/centurion/piece-o-shit..​. aka something similar to what I am not using), and a drive to create with both their hands and mind something tangible (and that wasn't a pun!)
    Current ideas he has are in the planning stages but immediate genres are FPS and MMO. Anyone interested, please Message Cody Manley asap.

    "You just made 15 individuals soil themselves and about half of them break their controllers... If you're not proud of yourself... you shouldn't be"
    Something interesting I found online the other day...
    I used to play with this guy back in Halo 3... At that time, he was about 14 years old and I was around 20...

    Yup, I did that.. You saw it.. it's all legit!

    In about a month's time, Toggle Sticks Gaming will have it's own Live Streaming Channel! With multiple times a day, several of our members from Pennsylvania through Montana will be streaming gameplay online via Justin.TV on a single account. Some player will be playing PC games like Starcraft 2 and Diablo 2, while others will be streaming racing and FPS games like Forza 3 and 4 and Halo Reach depending on what time you access the stream. Lots of gaming in the future! Commentaries included!


    That’s it for this short Update. We’ll have a Mid July Update out sometime by our July 23rd event.

    I hope to hear everyone during our next event and see everyone with the event afterwards.

    Till then, See ya

    Joseph "Crynocent" Herchelroath
    Toggle Sticks Gaming Coordinator
    PSN: RS_Draken
    XBL: Nagi Natsukaze

    "Those who pursue the truth must not be arrogant.
    Just because something cannot be proven scientifically,
    You must not laugh in the face of miracles;
    You must not deny your eyes the true beauty of this world."
    - K&M Ichinose

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