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    May Update


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    May Update

    Post  Crynocent on Fri May 20, 2011 9:54 am

    Yo yo yo yo! May Update!

    Joe "Crynocent" here with this month's update, announcements, and some fresh videos. Smell that creamy goodness!

    Too Many Games Convention Wrap Up

    Grand Tour-naments!
    This year was pretty great with the new faces and veteran members at our booth on all three days. Even though we didn't have the turn out for people buying merchandise at our booth, we had enough players to run both of our tournaments at full swing. I'd like to congratulate Robert Hubbs of NEC Philly and Online Celebrity, Phil "DarksydePhil" Burnell, the winners of our SoulCalibur 4 and Marvel Vs Capcom 3 tournaments as well as our former Champion, Darius Lee, and New Challenger, Fernando Hernandez for giving them one hell of a fight in the finals of each tournament. And I'd like to thank everyone who participated in our tournaments on Saturday and Sunday. DarksydePhil's team even recorded the finals from the Marvel Vs Capcom 3 tournament and posted it on Youtube for all to see. Which is right here: and some other videos from the rest of Sunday, which can be found on his Youtube Page. You can see some of our member's reactions to the TMG Convention on our site at and our Facebook page.

    Paparazzi are like Ninjas.. except they don't kill... right away...
    Competitor and our own Photographer, Adam "PXA Whitedragon" Crean, took some great photos from the convention with his.. overly expensive camera.. and I took some with my "not" overly expensive one. Both albums can be found here: If you can't access Adam's set, add him as a friend.. (he's not that weird).. cuz it has photos from Saturday. Which reminds me that I need to get Adam to add the photos directly to "our" Facebook page so everyone can see them....

    Newcomers are always welcome!
    We've met several new people at the Too Many Games convention and many have been directed to our site and FB page. One particular newcomer, Val Mountes, took some footage from Saturday and hung with us at our booth for most of the day. He's a cool guy who rants about everything from time to time and became one of our Nightly Players. His Youtube page can be found here: If anyone else has their own Youtube Account or other that they upload videos to and would like for us to mention you in our Monthly Update, please don't hesitate to message us.

    Some Extra Words from the Convention
    Just a bit more from the convention can be found here: and here:

    My own afterthoughts:
    "Our 3rd year and 6th time of this convention and it doesn't get old. Sales are a little down, but the point is to have fun, which we did. Got some souvenirs (cards, buttons, a few posters, some DS games, and Pokemon Snap), a few that I've been meaning to get (N64 Expansion part and Majora Mask), and saw some awesome Tshirts (Prinny Dood of War was the best). It was a little exhausting for our members, especially for Travis "AntiFreak" Kyler, Josh "King Thirteen" King, and Sarah Helms who were there for all three days. We made a lot of connections and talked with a lot of people. New Game Developers section seemed very interesting to me, although most of it was on iPhone/iPad stuff. Should be fun again Next Year in the Spring."

    The Next Too Many Games Convention will be held in the Spring of 2012 and I hope to see everyone there again next time!

    Competitive Update

    Madden 2012 Gamestop Midnight Release Tournament - Madden 2012 Launch Night
    Shortly after our Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Release tournament at Gamestop/EB Games, I came in contact with the other Gamestop at the Capital City Mall and they requested that we host a Midnight Release Tournament for Madden 2012 this fall. It'll be a nighttime event during the release of Madden in the mall with multiple consoles and TVs. The fine details are still being worked out, but as of right now, it is an absolute yes that we are hosting it. Things like Prizes and such are unknown at this time and price is probably gonna be about.... maybe.. $0 to enter (unknown due to cost of midnight release fees from the mall).

    (SIDE NOTE) Although the date for the release is close to another date that is very important to a few of our members, (ahem, Canis), the day of each completely bypasses each other, so there's no problem on our end for that.

    What actually is at a Gamer's Core?
    During the TMG Convention, one of the vendors I'm friends with, Matt Scheer, was talking with me about running a breakoff event called Gamecore with some members of TMG's Staff. Beginning with Tabletop and Card Games such as D&D and Magic the Gathering tournaments and events, they want to build up and expand into their own full convention and asked us to support them in their process. Personally, I'm not a tabletop gamer, although I do play D&D RPG games from time to time, several of our members are advent veterans of the world of fuzzy 20 sided dice. If you're interested, give us a shout as I'll keep everyone posted with whatever data I get along the way.

    Community Update

    Nighty Gamers or Just Insomniacs?
    Several of us night owls started a trend of gaming in the early morning, 1am - 6am Eastern time for some odd reason. Whether it be work, no work, or just cuz we're bored... we all come together for one reason and one reason only... Night Gaming! We, as a group, help each other gather achievements, complete challenges, accomplish goals and just game online for fun. If anyone wants to hit us up at the wee hours that we play, just add my XBL gamertag, "Nagi Natsukaze" and we'll frag some "uncoordinated little kids who woke up before school to play online". Nightly Players include, Val "Talon Albatross" Mountes, Adam, "PXA Whitedragon" Crean, Evan "IKnowYouAreBad" Parker, Chris "Slapmonki", and Staffmember Paul "Psycho a Gogo" sometimes joins us for a few rounds.

    One highlight of said time is this latest vid: Me (who's playing) and Talon Albatross on our 3rd to last game of the night.

    Community Night After Thoughts - Gears of Beta Style
    Our last Community Night, Gears of War Beta on Saturday May 14th, was a great success. Evan "IKnowYouAreBad" Parker scheduled it pretty much perfectly so we had a constant full team +1 for the entire night. We exploded heads, launched diggers, and chainsawed through 37 games in roughly 5-7 hours. Ryan "Canis Lupo 07" Worley was even next to me giving me logistical support to the point were I started headshotting people with the Boltag Pistol near the end. A few of our players from the night even posted their own thoughts on the online event here:

    Next Community Night - Who drives worse? Asians or Old People?
    Ryan "Canis Lupo 07" requested that we try a Racing Night over XBL. Forza 2, 3, Burnout Paradise, NFS (except Shift 2) and a few others were suggested but it's up to how many people participate. As an all around gamer, Yes, I play racing games.. and customize my cars with awesome decals! As in here: HKS means Hiiragi Kagami Special! And here: Faster than a Speeding Bullet?! If anyone is interested, please post a reply to the thread.

    The correct answer Old People cuz we Asians are actually drifting around every corner. You may not be able to see it.. but we can.

    I would make a smart remark about opinions, but in this case, it's a good thing.
    Several of our members, myself included, have started to write Game Reviews for New and Recent games they have played. Ryan "Canis Lupo" and Evan "IKnowYouAreBad" have posted several reviews for games like Portal 2, NFS Shift 2, and Dishwasher Vampire Smiles on our site. We want to hear your thoughts on the matter too! Whether it be your own reviews or your thoughts and opinions on the reviews of others, we want to know what's on your mind. You don't have to be a good writer, just be legible enough for us to read. Game Reviews can be found here:

    No words.. just pure adulterated anger....
    IT'S by a certain someone's little brother.... And when you see it, you'll understand...
    Please Vote too!

    Industry Update

    Was I just Hypnotized by a Shwave Asian Man?...
    I posted last month that PSN was down due to a security breach on Sony's Servers by hackers. Sony has responded with beefed up security, FBI investigation and several announcements for the month that we were offline. Here's the announcement straight from the Japan CEO for those who haven't seen it:

    To make a long story short, Sony is giving all registered PSN members System updates for PS3s and PSPs, 2 PS3 games, 2 PSP games, extended subscription to PS Plus, PS Plus for a month or so for non subscribers, Qirosity extention to subscribers, Identity Thieft Protection for a Year, 100 virtual items on Playstation Home, and a bunch of movie rentals from PSN, all for FREE. No strings attached. FREE! Details can be found here:

    Good things come to those who wait.

    Is it time to Chew Bubble Gum and Kick Some Ass Yet?
    To what little data I have, the latest Duke Nukem Game comes out next month... 14 years... Hmm.. lets see... 14 years ago... I wasn't even allowed to play Duke Nukem games cuz I was 9 at the time... So it'll kinda be a new experience for me.. but it's basically all the same as everything else that I've played with guns, except with and injection of Testosterone and Steroids at 10% less than a lethal dose. Just make sure you don't have seconds..

    "Hah! You missed!"
    "No I didn't..."
    (Rocket stops midair, turns around, and points at you)
    Ever play a Call of Duty or Medal of Honor WWII game? Well.. have you seen Alien vs Predator? This game is like both of them.. combined into an awesome thriller FPS. PS3's Resistance series is ready for it's third main installment of Resistance 3. Those strange weapons from Ratchet and Clank somehow found themselves in 1950s America and Europe with some grotesque and angry creatures wielding them. Fully functional, entirely unique, and jawdroppingly awesome, it's the FPS series that ranks up there with Killzone as a PlayStation Exclusive.

    Details on Resistance 3 can be found from Sony's site here:

    Personally, I like Resistance 1, but a memorable scene from Resistance 2 was when Ryan "Canis Lupo 07" was watching me play campaign and I was walking down a Chimeran tunnel and a door opened about 100 feet in front of me.. It struck me as odd as I was too far for it to open automatically.... Then I heard heavy footsteps get rapidly closer. I hesitated, then started screaming my head off as I pulled the trigger. Next thing I know, there was a dead Stalker about 6 inches from my boots. If I didn't scream.... I mean.. pull the trigger, I would have been ripped in two from the torso by the thing's claws and it's perfect invisibility. Just so you know.. Canis jumped too...


    And that's it for this Update and all it's goodness.
    I'll post more details about upcoming game releases on a weekly basis on our site.

    Till Next Time,

    Joseph "Crynocent" Herchelroath

    ...And NO Evan, that's MY Jewel. You took everything else from the pile!
    It's MY turn.. you can have the remains...

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    Re: May Update

    Post  Path on Fri May 20, 2011 1:23 pm

    Your little tidbit at the bottom had me confused for a moment, then i realized that it was a blatant Diablo 2 reference....

    And yes, it's my jewel, cause I killed the monster first, then you walked up and snaked it from me... ^.^


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