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    Back from the convention


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    Back from the convention

    Post  Crynocent on Sun May 08, 2011 11:54 pm

    We're back and it was fun.

    Although, it was spread out over 3 days, we still had enough players for our two full tournaments.

    I'd like to thank our staff members, Travis Kyler, Josh King, and Sarah Helms, who went with me to the Too Many Games Convention to help run our booth. As well as Adam Crean for taking lots of photos of our booth and around the area. Photos will be up this week sometime, and includes a lot unique cosplay some of you might be interested in.

    And a thank you to all the challengers for this year's spring tournaments. Congratulations to the Finals of the SoulCalibur 4 and Marvel Vs Capcom 3 tournaments.

    Darius Lee, our 4 Time Champion of SoulCalibur 4, fought commendably during the final round, yet conceded to Robert Hubbs with his marvelous PC Genesis controller in a Turn-Around-Win. Both our new and former Champions each won PS3 Arcade Sticks for their efforts.

    On Sunday, we had a special guest star competing, Phil "DarksydePhil" Burnell, who was at the convention over the weekend. Fernando Hernandez fought him through two intense matches in the semi-finals and finals of our Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Tournament. But it was "Darksydephil" who won, hit for hit, with his custom MvC3 Super Skrull Arcade Stick. Again as before, both players won one of two Xbox 360 Arcade Sticks.

    Here's the MvC3 Finals match:

    As I said up higher, Adam Crean and I will be posting photos this week of our tournaments, events, cosplay, and anything else that was absolutely awe-striking.

    May Update will be up this week as well, so I'll see you then.

    - Joseph "Crynocent" Herchelroath

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    Just because something cannot be proven scientifically,
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    You must not deny your eyes the true beauty of this world."
    - K&M Ichinose

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