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    Nanasho's Sorc Skill Build


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    Nanasho's Sorc Skill Build

    Post  Crynocent on Sat Feb 02, 2013 5:01 am

    I found an exceptionally efficient and aggressive Hybrid build created from the Lightning and Madness trees of the Sith Sorcerer class.

    It's built as a multi-engagement class with abnormally high AOE DPS abilities as well as the same DPS as single target Sith Marauder DPS class with the same gear tier.

    Skill Calculator:

    Although it does not have the top skills that the tiers have, it does have both AOE abilities of both Lightning and Madness and the ability to have a ZERO charge up time for any attack you make.

    Also, the Skill, Lightning Effusion, plus a fair Crit Rating of about 32%+ means that out of all my attacks, at least one of them will be a critical, reducing my casting cost of my next two by half.

    Basic DPS Cycle: (~ means "Chance to Instant Cast")
    Shock - Force Lightning ~ Crushing Darkness - Affliction - Death Mark - Shock - Force Lightning ~ Lightning Strike ~ Chain Lightning - Shock - Force Lightning ~ Crushing Darkness - Affliction - Death Mark - Etc.

    Basic AOE Cycle: (~ means "Chance to Instant Cast")
    Multi-CC Whirlwind - Shock - Death Mark - Force Storm ~ Chain Lightning - Any that can kill targeting each(Force Lightning~Lightning Strike/Crushing Darkness-Affliction) - Force Storm ~ Chain Lightning - Shock - Death Mark - Force Storm ~ Chain Lightning - Etc.

    Both are "Static Barrier as Needed".

    With the DPS Meter, while in Columi Gear, I hit an average of 1060 Damage Per Second ranging between 950-1100 depending on the chance to Instant Cast the next in line.

    While in this build, I have never ran out of Force to cast any attack. Even against Operations Bosses, the lowest I've been on Force was around 70%.

    What's your build for your class?

    - Nanasho

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