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    September 2012 Update


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    September 2012 Update

    Post  Crynocent on Sun Sep 30, 2012 6:46 pm
    Hey Guys and Girls,
    Welcome back to our latest update yet! I do apologize, though; had a little trouble with my email (someone hacking into it... while I was in it myself), but that issue is resolved. Please ignore any unusual emails from this address. Every TSGaming Email will have TSGaming in the title and I generally only release one update per month. If you do find anything unusual, please message me via Facebook or reply and I'll figure something out asap.

    This also brings me to our next major topic. We are trimming unresponsive emails again, as we did last year. This will let me know that your email is still active. So If you want to keep getting TSGaming Monthly Updates, REPLY TO THIS EMAIL!!! Staff Members are excluded from this.

    We have a few upcoming events, including a Joint Event with The Planeswalkers of Millersville as well as a few Halo related game nights in the works. The next event is next weekend, on the 6th and 7th!
    Also, be on the look out for Sudden Community Nights on weekends and your chance to win Free Prizes from TSGaming. You only get a day's notice to join us for Sudden Events and they almost always accompany a Community Goal to win a Prize. Last time's winners were Saul "Brokenwiener" Zavala and Tyler "Cages Revenge" Lehr who each won $10 gift certificates to Gamestop! Say tuned to our Facebook page for instant notifications of events!

    Facebook Page:

    Forums Page:

    Twitch.TV Page:

    Lets start with...
    Event Update

    TSGaming & TPoMillersville Joint Event - MTG Return to Ravnica Sealed Tournament - Saturday, Oct 13th @ Millersville University Campus - 7:00pm
    Hosted by Toggle Sticks Gaming & The Planeswalkers of Millersville, Now a Two Day Event! - RtR Saturday. On Saturday October 6th, The Planeswalkers of Millersville's release event, Return to Ravinica Sealed Booster Tournament, will be held on Millersville Campus. $20 to enter with RtR booster packs as prizes + your custom built deck

    Tournament Starts at 7:00 pm

    Millersville Campus
    1 South George Street
    Millersville, Pennsylvania 17551-0302

    Hosted by The Planeswalkers of Millersville

    Facebook Event Page

    (Please note: for info concerning the sealed event of rules, technicalities, and date/time adjustments, please message The Planeswalkers of Millersville.

    TSGaming & TPoMillersville Joint Event - MTG Return to Ravnica Standard Tournament - Sunday Oct 14th @ Millersville University - 1:00pm
    Hosted by Toggle Sticks Gaming & The Planeswalkers of Millersville. Two Day Event - RtR Sunday. Sunday October 7th, TSGaming will be hosting our Standard Tournament on Millersville University Campus.

    A full booster box of RtR for 1st Place and Booster Packs for 2nd through 6th Place.
    Also, If the numbers for the Standard Tournament exceed 32 Players,
    First Place will also receive a Mint Condition Original Duel Land.
    That's $250 in Prizes for the Standard Tournament Alone!

    $15 Per Person to enter
    Tournament starts at 1:00 pm
    Millersville Campus
    1 South George Street
    Millersville, Pennsylvania 17551-0302

    Hosted by Toggle Sticks Gaming

    Facebook Event Page:

    TSG Community Night - Old Skool Halo 3 - Xbox 360 - Online - Saturday, Oct 27th - 7:00pm Eastern Time
    We'll be kicking it the way we did 4 years ago with a little nostalgia in prep before Halo 4 comes out. We'll be on Campaign and Multiplayer Matchmaking from 7PM Eastern Time till god knows when! Just Add Crynocent Nu to your Xbox Live Friends List and be online around 7pm!

    Memories of my Halo 3 Haydays:
    Achievement hunting can be added to our goals if you need them.
    Facebook Event Page:

    TSG Community Night - Halo 4 - Xbox 360 - Online - Saturday, Nov 10th - 7:00pm Eastern Time
    Tis the time to continue the story and finish the fight. We'll be storming the Campaign, ruining Multiplayer, and annihilating Each Other with the first Community Night of Halo 4! Let's see if 343 can live up to the standards that Bungie set! Just add Crynocent Nu to your Friends List over Xbox Live and be online around 7pm Eastern Time.

    I have a feeling, some of you guys will be online even earlier than that!

    Facebook Event Page:

    TSG Online Tournament - Race for a Block of Diamond - Minecraft 360 Edition - 4v4 - Online - Saturday, Nov 17th - 2:00pm
    Our first Minecraft Tournament!
    In one single randomly generated game of Minecraft Hard Mode, each team of 4 players must find enough Diamond to make a single block and block of Gold, a block of Iron, (must be created). The first team to finish, Wins $80 in Gift Certificates to Gamestop! (Divided evenly, $20 each)

    To win, a team must make a tower consisting of (from bottom to top) 1x block of Iron, 1x block of Gold, and 1x block of Diamond.
    You are allowed to make extra blocks of each.
    You are allowed to antagonize your opposition as you wish, except for their solid blocks of Gold and Diamond, as well as Solid Iron Blocks.
    Anyone destroying enemy blocks of Iron, Gold, and Diamond will have their team disqualified. Creepers and Explosives count as well.
    All forms of cheats are illegal.
    Hostility is a must!
    But a truce can be formed through negotiations.
    All players must be in the same party!

    Free to Enter!
    Preregister Now!
    We have only a max of 8 players, so first come first entered!
    Just say, "I want to play" and send me your gamertag, if I don't already have it.

    Facebook Event Page


    Again, I apologist about the strange emails. When you beat people's a$$es in games like I do, they tend to take it the wrong way at times. But no worries, if someone can't take a bit gaming criticism along with my foot up their posteriors, it just means that they need to grow up a little.

    The next TSGaming Monthly Update won't take as long as before, Promise Wink

    Until Next Time

    Joseph "Crynocent" Herchelroath
    Toggle Sticks Gaming Coordinator
    PSN: RS_Draken
    XBL: Crynocent Nu

    Edit: Dates for both MTG Events Changed.

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