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    May 2012 Update


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    May 2012 Update

    Post  Crynocent on Sat May 19, 2012 6:45 am

    Alright Everyone!

    I'm a little late this month, a few things set me back... And I can almost 98% guarantee that it has nothing to do with the fact that Diablo III and Minecraft 360 Edition coming out this month, or the fact that we have the Live Stream perfected which would eat up my time bringing you the antics of our members at play!

    So, as I was explaining (myself) earlier, Toggle Sticks Gaming's Live Stream ( now been perfected (no lag/framerate crashing) for Console, PC and Retro gaming. Check out our Facebook page for when our Streaming begins. We should have a schedule sometime in the next couple weeks on how often you can watch.

    Also, speaking of Live Streams, we have new additions to our Streaming team, Ryan "Kiyuragood" Albright and Veteran Live Streamer, Saul Zavala. If you see them on our Live Stream, tell them, "Hey, thanks for streaming!" They now join Evan "Squire Path" Parker and myself for day and nighttime streaming. Got an idea on what we should stream? Just leave a comment on our Facebook Page,, or our Forum site and we'll stream it in the manner that seems entertaining. And by entertaining, I mean potentially drunk, but sometimes that's a given.



    And without further adu,


    Event Update

    TSGaming Community Night - Gears of War 3 (Xbox 360) - Online - Tonight, Saturday, May 19th, 2012 @ 7pm Eastern Time

    Our first community night since our stream has been perfected, we'll be Grinding some Gears tonight over Xbox Live at 7pm Eastern, 4pm Pacific. Add my newly changed gamertag, "Crynocent Nu" to join in for some good old Hammerbusting Action! There's two kinds of hammers in the game, the bang bang kind and the "What's that sound?" before you fry kind.

    Don't got a 360? Can't get on Xbox Live at the time? Watch our Live Stream and the first 5 to post what Non-Start Weapon I use to kill someone with in Multiplayer will win a Free TSGaming T-Shirt with one lucky winner receiving an Exclusive Second one, TSGaming Embroidered Polo T-shirt, coming this Fall! If I don't happen to kill someone with a Non-Start Weapon... um... then post the most humiliating thing that happened to me that night.... It'll be one or the other.... no doubt about it...

    TSGaming Secret Community Night - Diablo III (PC) - Online - Sunday, May 20th @ 9pm Eastern Time
    Shh... Secret C-Night for PC Players of Diablo III tomorrow at 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific. Just add Crynocent#1735 or my email, "" to your friends list on III to take part in the epicness. We'll be starting new characters and forcing our way as quickly or as brutally as possible and see how far we get before everyone passes out. If you have already made a character for each class and leveled them up to the Level Cap.... then put down the mouse and wait for us to catch up, because you have gone too far before the game even implemented the RMT(Real Money Trade) System due out on the 22nd of this month.

    This Secret Community Night is not being turned into an official event, but will be streamed live over our page. We will also host audio chat via Ventrilo on our "borrowed" Darkstarllc server. Message me if you would like to join the voice chat. If push comes to shove, I'll rent one as quickly as possible, but it shouldn't be a problem.

    Don't know what Ventrilo is? Basically, it's a chatroom for voice chat. Low cpu and bandwidth use means it's perfect for Streaming and Online Gaming.

    Speaking of Streaming, This will also be streamed via our page. Stay attentive to our Facebook page for when the Stream Starts!

    TSGaming Top #1 @ Capital City Gaming - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Team Doubles Tournament - Saturday, June 16th, 2012 @ 2:30pm
    Toggle Sticks Gaming's Top #1 is back! This time with MW3 Team Doubles! Same location as always, but this time, we have a Pot Prize! First and Second place Teams of Two win portions of the entry fee pot. Entry for teams is $12 per pair, with first and second place receiving 60% and 30% of the pot, respectively. Matches are best 2 out of 3, on different gametypes and maps. This is Your skill as a Team of Two! Pick your partners or join up with a reliable teammate before the Tournament!

    TSGaming LAN Days - Halo Reach - @ Yeah' Buddy Other's Pizza - Saturday, July 14th 2012 @ 12noon
    A new type of event for everyone, TSG's LAN Equipment is being setup at our friend's place, Yeah' Buddy Other's Pizza down in New Cumberland. We'll bring the TVs if you bring your Xbox with Halo Reach! Don't got one? Come down anyway, we always have extra controllers for you to pickup and play! We'll be fragging all afternoon long in their side Bistro area, practically taking over the place. If you get hungry, just head over to the Pizza Parlor and grab a few slices! We'll keep your controller warm for you while you're gone.

    We have a bunch of giveaways and may have an opportunity to run a Halo Reach Pot Prize tournament there as well, so stop by for your chance to win!

    Yeah' Buddy Pizza is located at:

    Fairview Commons Shopping Center
    110 Old York Road
    New Cumberland, PA 17070

    TSG Otakon or Bust! - Otakon Anime Convention Trip - Baltimore PA - July 27th - 29th 2012
    Our Otakon trip is still a go with it coming up in a couple months. If anyone's looking for a roommate or another couple to split the cost of gas for the trip, Hit up our Facebook Event page! I am 152% taking off work to go this year and will potentially crash each gaming tournament as I did with those Ace Combat Leagues all those years ago... And yes, I am an anime fan. I got a few things on my list to purchase while I'm down there... Most notably, Neko-mimis... I MEAN, Gundam related stuff! Yes GUNDAM Stuff... to pick up....

    And preregister at

    TSGaming - MTG Return to Ravnica Archenemy Double Elim Tournament - Standard - Sunday October 7th (Pending)
    We decided to spice things up a bit with a special little something. TSGaming's and probably the first ever in this area, "MTG Archenemy Tournament" will take place the Sunday after the release, for anyone willing to take all the prize for themselves or as a team of 3. We'll have a Box of the new Return to Ravnica up for grabs for first place and a half box for second. Players may enter as an Archenemy or a Team of 3 Heroes and stick together through the tournament. If an Archenemy faces an Archenemy in a match, both will play a normal, Best 2 out of 3, match. If the Heroes face another group of Heroes, the match will be a single 3v3. Archenemy entry fee is $15 while the Hero Team's total entry fee is also $15 ($5 per person).

    No clue what "Archenemy" is? Archenemy is a multiplayer gametype created not too long ago for MTG where it pits 1 player (Archenemy) against 3 players (Heroes) in a 3v1 match. Archenemies start with 40 life, while each Hero starts with a normal 20. Turns are the same as in Two-Headed Giant, but with one special exception. Archenemy turns are started with one Scheme card being drawn and played, each giving the Archenemy their own advantage in this off balanced type of battle. It's like the villain's "plot to take over the world" kind of thing. A new turn, a new Scheme unless stated otherwise. Archenemies in this tournament will be using a TSG balanced Archenemy deck consisting of different scheme to destroy their foes. None shall stand in the way!

    More info will be given at a later date.
    Got a suggestion? Think something should be tweeked? Just reply to this email and I'll get back to you within a day's time.

    Community Update

    So... Minecraft came out for Xbox 360.
    Until last week, I never played Minecraft before... I've heard of it, someone hacked my bank account so they could buy it... but I had no idea what the hell I was missing!!!!1!! I thought it was just simply DigDug with a 3 dimensional twist at first, but damn..... I just spent 3 days working on a Treehouse that is 4 blocks shy of being perfect.... and if anyone decides to do this to my newly created house... will find You! If you've got the game, hit me up over XBL and I'll join you for a few sessions. No, I am not the type like Gavin.

    So..... Diablo III came out for PC.
    To tell you the truth, I've only been playing Diablo II for the past year, but I can guarantee I've gotten something more valuable than you. And yeah, I played Diablo I. But that was last year.... This year, we've gotten the sequel that most of you have been waiting for for 12 years. And I know some of you have only been playing this one single game for the past week! So, is it good? To put it in layman's terms, "Holy Mother of God, YES!!!!" If I had the opportunity to take off from my job of about a week, I would, regardless of the consequences of a paycut. Unfortunately, my consequences are getting kicked out of my house... so I'm a little under-level atm, but I am catching up. I can adventure anytime I'm online, so just add me to your friends list over (Crynocent#1735 or

    (Spoiler Alert)
    And yes, Tyrial is a Badass.
    [Hidden Text] "You cannot judge me. I am Justice ITSELF, BITCH!"

    Video Game High School - Online Live Action TV Series by Freddiew and crew
    Something potentially very awesome from Freddiew.
    What if Video Games were the major sports of the world?

    Check out their first episode here for more:


    And that's it for this update.

    Oh, if you're wondering, Yus, our TSG Con went fairly well with tournaments running at all times of the day, right up to the end. We did have extra food and a couple tournaments didn't go as planned ...Neither was the fact that my cousin beat my ass in UMvC3 in about 40 secs..... but it's a learning process. We're looking for a date and location for Next Year, for our Second Annual TSG Con. To tell you the truth, about 40% of my paperwork was thrown out by mistake at the conclusion of the convention, so the actual list of every winner from our tournaments is somewhat missing.

    But, I would like to congratulate every single person for not just entering, but attending our first ever Convention and hope you enjoyed yourself to your heart's content. We are always open to suggestions and comments on our events, so please do not hesitate to message me directly or via our Facebook Page and Forums for what you thought. "Things that do not kill us, make us stronger", is type of things is what we're looking forward to. Our aim is to continuously better ourselves as a community!

    Thank you again for your support,

    Joseph "Crynocent" Herchelroath
    Toggle Sticks Gaming Coordinator
    PSN: RS_Draken
    XBL: Crynocent Nu

    "Those who pursue the truth must not be arrogant.
    Just because something cannot be proven scientifically,
    You must not laugh in the face of miracles;
    You must not deny your eyes the true beauty of this world."
    - K&M Ichinose

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