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    New vs Used: Video Games



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    New vs Used: Video Games

    Post  Crynocent on Tue May 08, 2012 9:00 am

    Used vs New Games: My Opinion Part 1

    To tell you the truth,

    I prefer new games over used games. But I'm more hesitate to buy new games than I am with used ones. The reason being for myself: The cost of the game Vs. the amount of time i will put into it, as well as the used game's "depreciation value" over time of release against the time of purchase.

    To me, it will vary on the game in question of whether I purchase new or used ones. The game has to be something well worth the amount that I am spending on to purchase it new. Something that I will spend hours and hours over several weeks or even months for it to be worth buying it new. And it has to be something that has more than one mode that I can play, whether it is Campaign, COOP, Multiplayer, or even creation modes. Only a handful of games have truly been worth that price that I have spent on the full price. It is not the developer or the producer that grabs my attention, it is the game itself.

    If the game is not worth the time I am willing to put into it, then it is not worth the money I am willing to spend on it. And with the economy, I believe several of us are asking the same questions.

    Used games may have a tendency to be scratched or unusable vs a new game. And some may not have extras that are included in new products. I, myself, have been through quite a lot of used games that are in fact, Unusable. However, the cost of used games, especially ones that have been on market for quite a while, may be offset by the lowered value of the game versus when was new. No matter if it is an excellent game, such as Assassin's Creed, or a lesser desired game, like Spectral Force, all games (usually) will drop in value, some even relatively early.

    The cost of games is not actually set by the developer or even the producer, but rather the console itself. When all games, both great games and shoveware alike, cost the same, we begin to question mental thinking of the game's true value to us as a cost rather than an investment. This alone, affects all console developers as it sets the bar of what it should be like over what they want to create. I understand a lot of bad, low cost games could flood the market with horrible software, but without the slightest choice of price control, it limits the developers to attempt to create something that they in turn may not be able to do. This is the reason Used games are excessively rampant as well as the fast depreciation of New games.

    Removing the ability to sell used games would not fix the problem, but rather reduce the number of people purchasing games all together. If the Console creators would change the format to how PC games are sold, without them understanding how much harm it will do, the industry, itself, would collapse.

    Video games, although a luxury item, should not be something limited to a person's income level to experience!

    To Be Continued.


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