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    February 2012 Update


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    February 2012 Update

    Post  Crynocent on Sun Feb 12, 2012 6:42 am

    Hey Everyone!

    Crynocent Here! And, AHHhhh.... eh... I am so out of sync with SoulCalibur 5... I need to take like a weekend and just work on it and train like no tomorrow. Training regiment: Practice mode, AI on Super Insanely Hard Mode, and when I can dominate the AI 10 times in a row from start to splashy (ring out) finish, then I'll be ready for multiplayer....

    Until then, however, here's this month's TSG Update. New Events included! Oh, and you can expect the Monthly Updates sometime before the Community Night/First Event of the Month.

    If you guys have ideas for events, tournaments, and/or community nights, please don't hesitate share! As a community, we are here to listen and expand on each of our member's ideas to better us a whole.

    Keep track of what's happening and new things going on at our Facebook group page ( and our website (


    Event Update

    TSG Community Night - Halo Reach (360) Online - Sunday, February 12th, 2012 - 8:00pm Eastern, 5:00pm Pacific

    Make sure you're all on Xbox live tonight for probably the last Community Night of Halo Reach that I can Render-to-Video gameplay of. After that, We'll be streaming Community Nights! But until then, Rendering the best players' game vids and moments will have to do. By best, I don't just mean top scorers. It means the best of everything, whether it be insane clutch play, wtf moments, or you just happen to be in the right place at the right or wrong times. Either or works for us!

    Our aim tonight is to fully control Big Team Battle with a full 16 players in our party, so even if you can't be online for long, jump in to reach that goal. Accomplishments for that achievement will be me changing my Xbox Live Avatar into Voltron Dancing, preferably Break Dancing, for the next month or so.

    To join in, just add my Gamertag of Nagi Natsukaze and be online at the appointed time.

    TSG Top #1 @ Capital City Gaming - SoulCalibur V Tournament - Sunday, February 19th, 2012 - 1:00pm Eastern

    The Top #1 is back with oversized weapons that makes Cloud look like he's holding a butter knife! This month's tournament is, of course, SoulCalibur V. Our flagship tournament has been revived with new characters, returning favorites, and lots of new combos to showoff. $5 to enter and Prizes will be for the top 2 players and the tournament semifinals and finals will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube!

    Standard matches

    Best 5 out of 9

    Double Elimination

    Timer set to max without infinite

    TSG Special-Made Custom Characters are allowed


    Final Match:

    TSG Coordinator Vs TSG Top #1!

    The Winner of the Tournament will face me in an Exhibition Match! Let's see if you can beat one of the Strongest TSG Founding Members! No handicaps, no holding back.

    I'll be waiting...

    TSG Member Exclusive - Duel with a Card-Clutched Controller Tournament - Duel of the Planeswalkers 2012 - Xbox Live - Begins March

    Our first online tournament, and it's something that a lot of our members are familiar with. A double elimination style tournament over Xbox Live using Magic the Gathering 2012 (arcade) as the choice of weapons. No deck limitations (They're all pretty much even, I've lost with them all equally). This is a long term event and will be taken place over the month of March and possibly April.

    Free to Enter for all TSG Members!

    *Prize: MTG Dark Ascension Fat Pack Box*

    Judges for the tournament will be Jeff "Talon Albatross" Montes and myself, both of whom will also be entering. Win or lose, it's about having fun... well... there's nothing really to lose..

    Assigned matches must be completed by one week after being posted. Best 5 out of 9 matches. Finished matches must be logged on our site under the bracket when it is posted. Signup ends Feb 29th, so be sure to make a comment on the Facebook Page before then!

    To sign up, just make a post at the Facebook Event Page saying that you'll join. Rules are there too. Questions are to be directed there as well.

    Facebook Page:

    Site Thread:

    TSG Community Night - Forza Motorsport 4 (360) - Saturday March 10th 2012 - 7:00pm Eastern, 4:00pm Pacific

    You're driving down the road... then a right turn... then a Left... another right..... then.... A Wall! Damnit...that's another dent in the $300,000 car... Well... put it back in the club garage and no one will notice...

    TSG community night for March will be, as requested, Forza Motorsport 4! Hosted by Canis Lupo's Wolf's Reign and Toggle Sticks Gaming! A night of revving engines, loud exhaust, oil changes and headlight fluid. Gametypes will be circuit racing, high speed challenges, Hit and Run.. or whatever it's called... and whatever else we decide. Nothing too extreme. To join in, Add Canis Lupo 07 and/or my gamertag of Nagi Natsukaze to your friend's list on Xbox Live and be online at the appropriate day and time.

    May, not the fastest car, but the best driver win!

    TSG Top #1 @ Capital City Gaming - Magic the Gathering Standard Tournament - Saturday March 24th, 2012 - 1:00pm Eastern

    The Top #1 Competition for March will be a MTG Standard Tournament with a lower than normal MTG tournament costs. $10 per person, with the prize as a Dark Ascension Fat Pack Booster set, and second place will be 4 DKA Booster Packs. As it is a Standard Tournament, only Magic 2012, Scars Set and beyond are allowed for use, as per restricted cards as normal.

    What's in a Fat Pack? Well, this one has 9 Dark Ascension booster packs + 10 DA double-faced card checklists, 2 deck-sized card boxes + 1 pack of 70 Dark Ascension basic land, and a Dark Ascension Spin-down Life Counter. Personally, they're what I use to store spare MTG cards in as they hold more than enough for what I need.

    Judging will be myself, and I'll just be on the sidelines for this.

    Toggle Sticks Gaming Convention - Fairview Township Fire Department - Saturday April 14th, 2012 - 10:00am - 8:00pm Eastern (or later)

    We are ever so inching closer to our first TSG-Ran Convention and our list of events is expanding! Our fliers are out here and there, so be sure to pick one up! Individual tournament rules and info will be out with the March Update, so stay tuned! Admission is still free as can be, so be sure to stop by!

    Interested in a vendor booth or just want to help with the convention? Message me back asap!

    TSG's Otakon or Bust Trip! - July 27th - 29th - Baltimore Convention Center

    This one was planned longer than last year's, so there's no excuses for bailing last min, right? Essentially a trip down to Otakon in Baltimore, Maryland with TSG members in tow. Full weekend of Anime, Manga, Gaming, and Cosplay! Our purpose there is to simply go as group or just to meet up sometime... and overrun the gaming tournaments there. See the sights, watch anime, eat Pocky, and purchase things, the normals of any convention.

    Cost vary depending on how many days or which day and such. (Not by me, by them) Our objective is to just get down there.

    Oh, and I'm putting a cardboard box on Jeff and writing "Gundam" on it!


    Community Update

    January's TSG Top #1 Modern Warfare 3 FFA Finals

    We had 4 players, but all put up their best effort with the last matches coming down to the wire.

    I'd like to congratulate Marshal Kyler, Adam Crean, and Talon Scharedin (Yes, his first name actually is Talon) for their 4th, 3rd, and 2nd place with 2nd and 3rd's scores just a point spread of spread 1. And a special Congrats Chris Ruggles for coming in 1st by winning every round. As each match went on, every player edged the scores closer and closer to the point where just 1 or 2 kills would offset the scores.

    After the tournament, Adam Crean and I teamed up in a Team Defender against both Chris and Talon in two matches, with both of us taking 1 for 1. Again, every match went down to time with each team refusing to surrender the match. Never back down and never regret your decisions. That's how you play that game!

    Final Match:

    New Stream Series: Failing at Games of Our Youth

    TSG Member Evan "Path" Parker has started streaming on our page in his new series Failing at Games of Our Youth. Watch him try, watch him fail... and if possible, Succeed! Begins Weekdays around mid-day. Check our Facebook page for when he streams. Got a suggestion? Just message him via Facebook and he'll try!

    Just My Luck Ep 2 - Modern Warfare 3

    Bestpro Gamer3 still trying to win with a group of randoms who offer no support whatsoever...

    If you have footage or gameplay vids of moments where your team is of no use, even as bullet shields or you just SoL and your luck runs dry, Message me the info/vid location and I'll upload it as apart of "Just My Luck..."

    Make Mine Mutton! - Ryan Albright Mods

    Although I don't approve for tournament use, TSG Member Ryan "Kiyuragood" Albright has started making light mods and other mods for controllers and consoles. If you're interested, message him via Facebook for custom designs and creations.

    Big Dipper... Little Dipper....Dragons!!! - Skyrim + Portal 2 = ?

    How to destroy the dreams of little kids... with Magikarp!

    Everything that I wanted out of a Gundam Game, created by an Indie Game Group - Hawken

    This could be the greatest game of tag ever... of all times!



    Something new, something old, something modded, something unusual and something awesome. That's how TSG Updates usually end. But this time, it's gonna be something more like a bit everything mixed in than normally used.

    Kinda my wish of things to come...

    I can haz, plz?

    Until Next time,

    Joseph "Crynocent" Herchelroath
    Toggle Sticks Gaming Coordinator
    PSN: RS_Draken
    XBL: Nagi Natsukaze

    "Those who pursue the truth must not be arrogant.
    Just because something cannot be proven scientifically,
    You must not laugh in the face of miracles;
    You must not deny your eyes the true beauty of this world."
    - K&M Ichinose

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