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    Add another reason to the list there, John.



    Do you think Steam should only be a downloading program?

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    Add another reason to the list there, John.

    Post  Path on Sun Dec 04, 2011 1:23 pm

    Okay, this is why Steam is pissing me off.
    -Today- at least...

    I had to re-install because it was set to auto-sign-in, and I had changed my password, because of their little "insecurity" problem, and Steam is so retarded that it just kept trying to sign in with the old password. So i had to un-install just so I could sign in with Steam again.

    The only problem with doing that, is that Steam deleted all my cache data for all the games that I had, and now I have to download them all again
    With a 107Kb max download rate.

    That is fucking retarded.
    I have 8Gb of BC2 and both Portal games are still 100% intact.
    But its making me re-download them anyway, just because they dont know how to program a fucking un-install code.


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