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    Forza 4: Week 4; Career Mode

    Canis Lupo 07

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    Forza 4: Week 4; Career Mode

    Post  Canis Lupo 07 on Mon Nov 07, 2011 10:58 pm

    What up playas. The latest installment of Forza 4 reviews, is Career Mode. This will be a doozy to try to cover everything so stick with me. I will try and summerize as much as I can.
    Once in Career Mode, there are five choices. First off, is Go Race. In here, there is a direct link to the Rivals section of the game, which comes in handy for easy navigation. The other two choices are intertwined with what they contain. The World Tour is your top option in the race menu. There are 10 seasons to race, unliked Forza 3's 6 seasons. Each season grows in difficulty, car choices, and amount of races to complete the season. You are navigated over a world map to different real world tracks by TopGear's Jeremy Clarkson. Then given three race events to choose from. You can change your car at any time to race an event. Quite fun considering you never take the same World Tour twice. It all depends on the choice of car. Back out in the race menu, Event List shows every available race to you out of all the race events in Forza 4. Blue blocks indicate races you can race in, Green blocks show races you can race in your current occupied car. Its a more direct path to race in a particular race if you want to earn some money faster or re-race an event.
    Next, is the Cars option off the main career menu. Here, you can go to your garage and check out or change into any car you own. You can also go to the dealerships of which there are about 80 to choose from. You can also change the Homespace or area your current car sits while you navigate the Career menus. If you let the screen sit for a short while it does pan across pictures of your car in a set homespace. There are several spaces to choose from and you can change them whenever. Even the TopGear Studio is a choice. Then you can take a photo of your car in any of those spaces from the Cars menu as well. Its an acheivement so what the heck.
    Next in line is Upgrade. Here you can Quick Upgrade, which lets you choose a Performance Index or PI rating and let the computer choose the parts to install, or you can go to the shop and add the parts you want such as mufflers, tires, engines, turbos, body kits and more. You can also tune your vehicle from this menu. For those who want to get the best performance out of their rides, its good to read up on how to properly tune. I have to admit, I may know a bit of how to do this, but there are a few kinks I still need to iron out. There is also a benchmark option. Opening this will give you braking distances 60-0 and 100-0 and 0-60 and 0-100 times as well as top speeds with your current tune setup. You can also Test Drive your car on any track in the game. Great for practicing. If you have tuning setups saved you can check them out and apply them to your cars in the upgrade menu. You can also buy tuning setups from other gamer's storefronts for the current car you are in. A much nicer add-on to have instead of having to manually search for them like in Forza 3.
    Back out in the main career menu, the next in line is Paint. There is a wide variety of things you can do to make the car your own. You can simply paint the car, and it breaks it down into the body, mirrors, hood, wheels, and spoilers. or you can Apply Decals. This transports you to a room where you can come up with a completely original design using primitive shapes that can be sized and shaped to your whim. Each portion of the car, left side, right side, top, front and rear, have 1000 layers available to use for your designs. If you want to design any type of vinyl group to put on any car you can choose the Create Vinyl Group option. Again you have the same primitive shapes and 1000 layers to create your masterpiece. Then you can save your vinyl and check it out in the My Vinyl Groups option. You can add these vinyl groups to your car in the Apply Decals section. Any design for a specific you make can be saved and checked out in the My Designs option. All of which can be uploaded and sold on your storefront for some extra coin or notoriety in the designers world here on Forza. You may also tint your windows any color your heart desires. They have the option to wipe your slate clean in here as well. And another link to the storefront area where you can buy other peoples designs for your current car.
    Finally, there is a link to the My Profile section. I went over this section in my first week review. In Career Mode, there is one more option to check out which is My Opponents. Here you can see the stats of your computer opponents you race against throughout the world tour. Gives you a heads up to those of which are better drivers and which ones are more aggressive or easy targets to get ahead of in a race.
    Well that wasn't so bad. That is a breif overview of Career Mode in Forza 4. Tune in next week for my final review when I try to get ahold of Kinect and try out a race and autovista features while using it. I will also try to cover any little quirks I forgot to mention previously. Progress update: Since moving into my apartment, I havent had as much time to play, so I am only currently level 53, and only moved onto season 5 of World Tour. But I have responded to a few Rival Challenges and came out on top once again. God I love showing off. Smile Hope to see you again. Have a good week.

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