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    11/19/2011 - TSG Top #1 - Magic the Gathering - Two-Headed Giant Legacy Tournament


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    11/19/2011 - TSG Top #1 - Magic the Gathering - Two-Headed Giant Legacy Tournament

    Post  Crynocent on Thu Nov 03, 2011 4:33 am

    Our next Top #1 event next month is a full blown tournament for MTG sponsored entirely by us and held within Capital City Gaming. A Two-Headed Giant Legacy Tournament with prizes of Booster Boxes up for grabs and assorted items as giveaways including t-shirts, booster packs, and food. That means, Teams of 2 will compete in Double Elimination, Best 2 out of 3, commutative life matches for the Top MTG Team of Toggle Sticks Gaming! Form teams now or later and all are available to join! No restrictions on participants, even Capital City Gaming Employees and TSG Staff Members!

    The Judge for the tournament will be myself to keep it open to all. Deck Restrictions are Legacy Restricted to keep it as fair as possible. So no "Black Lotus, turn 2 exile target player's deck" wins. Time limit for each round will be set to 60 minutes for 3 games with breaks in between matches. Due to time constraints, we will be limited infinite loops to "10 loops per turn per combo" to keep the matches going. Prizes for 3rd and back will be determined by the number of participants in the tournament, but are almost guaranteed. Anyone without a partner can be assigned one before the tournament starts.

    Also, did I mention that they were Innistrad Booster Boxes? $10 per person with prizes and giveaways during the event. You'll easily get your money's worth of goodies at some point at the event!

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