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    Forza 4: Week 3; Autovista

    Canis Lupo 07

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    Forza 4: Week 3; Autovista

    Post  Canis Lupo 07 on Mon Oct 31, 2011 11:06 pm

    Back again with another installment. This week I will be talking about the Autovista feature in Forza 4. Turn 10, the game designers (for those who didnt know), did something very unique with this feature. First off, they teamed up with TopGear, a show designed to show off cars of every age and ability on the market. With this partnership the gamer is induced with so much extra info on cars features and internal workings unlike other racing sims on the market today. Throughout the game, you are narrated around by the British TopGear host Jeremy Clarkson. His most involved role in this game is the Autovista. When you open Autovista from the main menu you are given a choice of 25 different vehicles, most of them super cars.
    To be able to view a specific car you must unlock them. To unlock a car you must complete a challenge. None of which are hard to pass unless you are an absolute gaming novice. There are three different challenges you can complete which are preset by the computer, depending on which vehicle you choose. First of which is the bowling pin challenge. Here you must drive one lap around TopGear's famous home track in England and knock down as many pins as you can to increase your score. Yellow pins are worth more then the white. It's a good way to let off steam and have a little fun.
    Next, is the passing challenge. Here you must race a track or sprint course and pass a certain amount of cars to complete the challenge. And lastly, is a race challenge to be the first across the finish line. All of these are quite simple and quick to finish.
    Once your challenge is complete you are directed to the Autovista room. Here, you car given a description name of the vehicle. Once described, you are free to walk around the car. Upon doing so you see little icons pop up depending on where you are looking at the vehicle. By clicking the i-icon, you get information on that specific part of the vehicle. By clicking on ^-icon, you can open doors, hoods, and trunks. The gear looking icon in the front of the car gives a fuller more intuitive description of the vehicle voiced by Jeremy Clarkson himself. There is a key icon when you slide into the drivers seat that turns on the motor for you and revs the engine so you can drool over its sound. There is also a paint brush icon which, you guessed it, lets you change the color of the car as it sits in front of you. And the last icon, lets call it a target looking one, usually pops up with vehicles containing retractable operating wings.
    You can learn a lot from this feature of the game, including price, specs, 0-60s, design ideas and reasonings and more. For those who love the details of cars, this is the place to hang for a while. As a bonus to completing all the cars in the list you get a 26th vehicle to check out. The M12 Warthog FAV. And for those Halo fans out there, yeah it is just that cool. The voice for this vehicle's info is none other then Cortana.
    The Autovista has a kinect feature which I'm guessing gives it a more realistic feel, but I have yet to check it out. The upside to Autovista is the amount you can learn and being able to see the cars up close and explore what you normally wouldnt in a driving sim. Downside to it, is that there is not enough cars. I wanted to explore so much more.
    Weekly game progress update: I am currently driver level 51. My garage contains 276 cars totalling about 43 million. I own every car in the game worth 40 grand and less. I am working on season 4 in career. Next week I go in depth of the career mode. Its a lot to go over, but oh so worth it. Hang in there folks and take care.

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